helia native nursery



Helia Native Nursery is situated on Sky Meadow Farm, a beautiful 109-acre farm in Alford, Massachusetts. We are a small nursery in Berkshire County that specializes in growing native perennials, as well as trees and shrubs.  


Our mission is to preserve native genotypes through seed banking on the farm and propagating them in our plant nursery. Our plants are available for the landscaping community, homeowners, and nature enthusiasts. Many of the species we propagate are not available in the standard nursery industry.


Our land stewardship on the farm focuses on restoring our wildflower meadows for pollinators, woodlands and fens for rare fauna. We have a long term forestry plan written with help from Massachusetts Woodland Institute and Peter Tucker to remove invasives shrubs to create song bird habitat. Removing the invasive species will benefit the wildlife on the farm as well as reduce the number of ticks in the community at large.  A high volume of native plant diversity will create optimal habitat for birds, butterflies, pollinators, amphibians, and dragonflies and boost the resilience of this ecosystem. 


Our techniques of propagation are strictly organic and earth-based. We use the highest quality organic potting material and we inoculate the potting soil with compost, topsoil from the farm, and mulch to create a diverse soil food web. These practices allow for healthier, less disease-prone plants. If pest or disease control is required, we only use organic methods. 


To achieve greener nursery practices we only use a passive solar greenhouse.  We reuse all our pots. We are conscious about our daily water use and we have a strict non-chemical approach to plant propagation and pot maintenance. All of these efforts lower our ecological footprint.